ThermEco™ Glaze Window Wall

The Alsysco ThermEco™ Glaze Window Wall​ is available in a range of durable and popular architectural colours and finishes. It is a low-maintenance system, perfect for ribbon window applications.

The Alsysco ThermEco™ Glaze Window Wall is PERFECT FOR:
Apartment Buildings
Reliable Aluminium


The Alsysco ThermEco™ Glaze Window Wall complies with AAAMSA A4 design standards.

Alsysco Aluminium Systems are tested according to various industry standards for the purpose of safety. You can have peace of mind that our systems are reliable and will perform as expected, even in the harsh African environment. Learn more about AAAMSA here.

ThermEco™ Glaze Resources

Innovative drainage components and chambers in the modules and the subframes allow for rapid water drainage. LEARN MORE:

Window Walls FAQ

A window wall is created by installing glazing between a building’s concrete slabs, using the slabs as structural support. Window walls have a break between the glazing, with slab covers used to conceal the concrete slab. They are most commonly installed from inside the building, which is safer, more efficient and cost-effective.

Window walls are built one floor at a time and are supported by the slabs above and below them. In other words, window walls are built within the slab edge.

Curtain walls are structurally independent and don’t require support on every floor. They tend to span multiple stories and are built outside the slab edge.

Both systems are built to be an all-in-one cladding system that acts as the building’s envelope barrier. They also both provide some insulation and can transfer their load to the building structure.

However, curtain walls are more expensive than window walls and tend to be more complicated to install. In addition, curtain walls aren’t typically operable, whereas window walls can be.

There’s also the issue of fire-stopping and noise pollution. With window walls, you don’t have to worry about either issue.

Ribbon windows are window walls with long horizontal and short vertical frames. Ribbon windows are set within the structural facade of the wall. They are generally at eye level rather than at the very top or bottom of the aperture.

Ribbon windows are a great way to enhance your view of the outdoors. Their elongated shape affords uninterrupted panoramic vision and lets in plenty of natural light.

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Alsysco aluminium windows and doors will transform your home into a space that reflects your style. Our systems are available in a range of popular architectural colours and finishes to match your personal preference.


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Aluminium is the smart choice for your home because it is reliable, durable and looks great. Discover why you should choose Alsysco aluminium: Read more >>.
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Aluminium sliding windows and doors, balustrades and insect screens add retail value to your home.

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Easy Maintenance

Alsysco systems require low maintenance, reducing upkeep costs.