Adjustable Louvre Systems

Our exciting and dynamic new aluminium adjustable louvre, bottom rolling stacking/folding door system is locally manufactured and proudly South African. Manufactured from high-grade aluminium alloy and with stainless steel components, we can offer the finished product in a variety of exterior grade epoxy powder-coated finishes to suit the client’s colour requirements.

A proud partner product of Alsysco Aluminium Systems

reblouvre systems are PERFECT FOR:

Adjustable Louvre System Resources

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rebLOUVRE Folding and Stacking Doors

We can accommodate the following configurations within our standard range :

Hinged single sash windows and doors

Hinged double sash windows and doors

Stacking folding windows and doors in odd sash panel increments, up to a maximum width of 10000mm & height of 3000mm.

Sash panels for stacking folding door systems should not exceed 850mm in width.

Our system is bottom rolling and facilitates either flush floor finishes or threshold (stepped) floor finishes, the bottom rolling system has a hook lock to engage the system into the end jamb, ensuring that even if the double action flush bolts are disengaged the door cannot be opened when locked, without the frame being severed from the reveal.

The louvre blades are architecturally acceptable 90mm wide with a dust seal inclusion into the louvre blade die. The louvre blades are operated by means of a neatly profiled control arm and the bank of louvres on each sash panel is restrained in the closed position with a stainless steel spring-loaded bolt.

Our extrusions have weather piles to reduce the ingress of dust or contamination.

We have invested time & effort in the R&D of our product over the past 12 years. In practice subtle changes have been made to the initial design intent, based on customer feedback, to improve the product performance of our offerings.

A proud partner product of Alsysco Aluminium Systems