Active Agencies

We pride ourselves in the fact, that once a particular project is completed, little or no service is required. We offer the following products

Active Agencies Ltd specialises in all types of security fencing and gates as well as various security and self-defence products.

We also manufacture, supply and install all types of diamond mesh (chain link) fencing.

The company was established by Mr Derrick Pringle in 1981. Mr Pringle obtained his experience by working in various African countries, establishing an excellent reputation.

After having more than 30 years of experience in security fencing and non- lethal electric fences, we can offer the best in quality workmanship and reliable security units. All our systems are installed under international safety standards with recognised electric fence installation procedures and by fully trained personnel.

The actual running of the business is done by the second generation. The company is located in Kitwe, Zambia.

High Vis security fencing is the newest form of top end security fencing which is unique to Active Agencies. We are able to ship our High Vis and any other fencing products anywhere around the world to service our clients requirements.

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Alsysco Accredited Fabricators

Our Accredited Fabricators have completed Alsysco training and are qualified to install our systems according to our strict quality standards. We partner with fabricators nationwide to make Alsysco as accessible as possible to you.

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