House Fellner

Featuring a range of Alsysco systems, House Fellner is an award-winning, architectural feat featuring a range of Alsysco products that support and enhance refined design and quality functionality.

Award-winning Architecture

German Home Owner Robert Fellner spared no cost when it came to his South African dream home in KZN. This totally off-the-grid spectacular home has every creature comfort one could wish for from an onsite office space to a home gym and a solar panel heated swimming pool, it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Alsysco Systems Featured in
House Fellner

Alsysco’s modular systems are an architect’s dream, meeting both the technical requirements and visual appeal to create a memorable project with crafted results. Have a look at the systems that were used in House Fellner, you’ll soon discover why they were selected:

Project Architect

Project Fabricator