Alsysco Sun Control Solutions

Solar heat gain and glare can result in uncomfortable interiors with double-glazed solutions and artificial cooling providing only short-term relief, with high energy consumption and costs, challenging building professionals to find creative solutions. Daylighting is one of the oldest sustainable design concepts and there are efficient ways to maximise windows and facades to allow as much as possible natural light into a building during different seasons and at different times of the day.

Alsysco Sun Control Solutions are PERFECT FOR:
Sliding Doors and Windows Balconies
Living Spaces
Office Buildings
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Shutters and fixed louvres
Alsysco’s range of high-quality aluminium shutters and louvres was designed to manage this. The company’s ThermEco Shade range includes:

Available in a traditional lazy Z profile and a more modern, aerodynamically-curved profile, the Clip-on Louvres’ fixing method allows for easy and variable louvre spacing. The Clip-on louvres are available in a wide range of architectural colours and finishes, and specially designed Alsysco brackets and support structures facilitate easy attachment to the Alsysco ThermEco Wall PG50 and FG50 curtain wall systems.

Elliptical Louvre blades are extruded aluminium profiles available in 185mm and 450mm designs. The innovative assembly of the 450mm elliptical louvre design simplifies and reduces fabrication and installation costs.


These shutters control the natural light entering a space and enable natural ventilation, while providing protection from rain. They allow simple and effective temperature control across seasons and provide an aesthetically pleasing security barrier. Furthermore, the shutters are corrosion resistant and require low maintenance.

Sun Control Solutions FAQ

There are predominantly 2 types of external louvre systems available in the Architectural Aluminium market.

• The lazy Z clip-on type of louvre slats are available in roll-formed and Aluminium extrusions. The sizes range from 70mm up to 130mm.

• Elliptical louvre blades are available as Aluminium extrusions ranging in sizes from 50mm right up to 450mm.

External louvres offer energy savings and protection by creating shade and avoiding the need to reduce the temperatures of overheated rooms and buildings. Reducing the amount of energy required for lighting, by optimizing the transmission of free natural daylight. Enhancing indoor comfort and helping to stimulate productivity.

Louvres are slats or blades that are usually arranged horizontally in a window. The slats are positioned at an angle to allow in air and light but keep out direct sunlight and rain.

Extruded Aluminium louvre slats or blades are available in a range of popular external-grade powder-coated Aluminium finishes. The lighter more reflective colours tend to be the most popular colour choice.

The slat or blade orientation is dependent on building elevation and design aesthetics. Elliptical blades tend to be the preferred type for vertical applications due to the longer span between support structures. Louver slats or blades can also be installed as projecting sunshades generally installed at the head of the glazing (i.e. brise-soleil systems).