CrystALview™ Balustrade

The Alsysco CrystALview™ Balustrade is available in top mount or side mount options with a lightweight, aesthetically pleasing design.

CrystalView Balustrade
The Alsysco CrystALview™ Balustrade is PERFECT FOR:
Balconies & Patios
Office Spaces
CrystalView Balustrade Pool


The Alsysco CrystALview™ Balustrade is a SANS compliant structural glass balustrade system with Structural Engineers approvals.

Alsysco Aluminium Systems are tested according to various industry standards for the purpose of safety. You can have peace of mind that our systems are reliable and will perform as expected, even in the harsh African environment. Learn more here.

CrystALview™ Balustrade Resources

Learn more about The Alsysco CrystALview™ Balustrade system is available in top mount or side mount options. This system is lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.


SANS Codes Summary

Stay compliant and informed with Alsysco! We’ve created a handy summary of relevant SANS codes for balustrades and handrails, available for download on our website.

This free resource makes it easy for you to:

✅ Understand key requirements for safe and compliant installations.

✅ Ensure your projects meet all necessary safety standards.

✅ Adhere to Alsysco’s Quality Control Processes.

Balustrades FAQ

If the drop-off is greater than 750mm, a balustrade must be installed at a minimum height of 1000mm above the finished floor level.

No, by law any drop-off greater than 750mm requires a balustrade to be installed.

No, there should be no gaps in a balustrade system that allow the passage of a 100mm diameter ball.

Yes, provided the system has been designed and tested by a qualified structural engineer and complies with all relevant SANS Codes.

Yes, provided all four sides of each panel are fully framed and the system has been tested by a qualified structural engineer.

The selection of the correct grade of stainless is vital, along with a routine cleaning and maintenance schedule.

There are a lot of unscrupulous operators who offer thinner material, sub-standard quality and no certification of compliance.

All balustrade installations must pass a line load, point load and a soft body impact test on glass panels.

Yes, blanket compliance is not possible as every installation must be tested and signed off by following SANS Codes.

Yes, a registered qualified structural engineer can do testing by calculations.

Absolutely, correctly designed, installed and powder-coated aluminium is an ideal balustrade material.

Yes, but that is a small part of the Code, but they must also comply with SANS 10160, SABS 0104, SANS 10137 & SANS 1263

Be Inspired by Alsysco Systems

Alsysco aluminium balustrades will transform your home into a space that reflects your style. Our systems are available in a range of popular architectural colours and finishes to match your personal preference.


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Aluminium is the smart choice for your home because it is reliable, durable and looks great. Discover why you should choose Alsysco aluminium: Read more >>.
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Aluminium sliding windows and doors, balustrades and insect screens add retail value to your home.

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Alsysco systems require low maintenance, reducing upkeep costs.