Sanctuary EcoGlide™ Security Screen

The Alsysco Sanctuary EcoGlide™ Security Screen features transparent mesh provides natural ventilation whilst providing an excellent barrier against intruders and home invasions.

The mesh also provides an effective solution to keeping out baboons, monkeys, snakes and insects.

The Alsysco Sanctuary EcoGlide™ Security Screen is PERFECT FOR:
Balconies & Patios
Entrance Doors
Living Spaces


The Alsysco Sanctuary EcoGlide™ Security Screen complies with AAAMSA A3 design standards.

Alsysco Aluminium Systems are tested according to various industry standards for the purpose of safety. You can have peace of mind that our systems are reliable and will perform as expected, even in the harsh African environment. Learn more about AAAMSA here.

Sanctuary Resources

The Alsysco Sanctuary EcoGlide™ Security Screen is designed to seamlessly integrate with our very popular EcoGlide™ Knysna sliding window and door system.

It also provides simple and effective temperature control solutions for both the summer and winter months.

Alsysco Accredited Fabricators

Our Accredited Fabricators have completed Alsysco training and are qualified to install our systems according to our strict quality standards. We partner with fabricators nationwide to make Alsysco as accessible as possible to you.

Security Screens FAQ

The Alsysco security screen door and frame profiles are available in the following range of popular colours.        

  • •  White
  • •  Bronze
  • •  Charcoal
  • •  Black
  • •  Silver

Special colours are available on request offering minimum order quantities and extended lead times.

The stainless steel mesh is supplied in a durable black powder-coated finish

Alsysco security screen doors and frames are made from a durable and strong aluminium alloy. Powder coated in high quality powders approved for external applications. The security screen mesh is woven in a grade 316 or 304 stainless steel wire and powder coated in a durable black powder coated finish.

Alsysco security screens are currently available in sliding, side-closing single sash and centre-closing double sash configurations.

The minimum sash width is 300mm and the maximum sash width is 950mm (without Midrail) and 1250mm (with Midrail). Maximum height is 2400mm.

Alsysco security screen doors offer a variety of locking solutions. We provide single, two and three-point locking solutions on our security screen doors.

The Stainless mesh is very effective at keeping most insects out. The stainless mesh also provides an effective solution to keeping out baboons, monkeys and snakes.

Alsysco security screens are barely noticeable once installed, they allow more than enough natural light through.

The transparent mesh provides good natural ventilation whilst also providing effective shading, helping to cool the interior space.

Alsysco screen doors should be washed regularly using a solution of warm water and a non-abrasive, pH-neutral detergent solution. Surfaces should be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning to remove all residues. All surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge or nothing harsher than a soft natural bristle brush. Locking mechanisms should also be regularly checked to see whether they require lubricating or adjustment.

Be Inspired by Alsysco Systems

Alsysco aluminium security screens will transform your home into a space that reflects your style. Our systems are available in a range of popular architectural colours and finishes to match your personal preference.


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