Introducing New Alsysco Cleaners Specifically Formulated for Aluminium

Alsysco is proud to announce the launch of our new line of cleaning products specifically designed for aluminium surfaces. Whether you have powder-coated aluminium, mill-finish aluminium, or anodised aluminium, we have a product that will help you keep your aluminium looking its best.

Designed for Aluminium

Specifically formulated for aluminium surfaces, the new cleaning solutions are designed to safely and effectively clean aluminium, leaving it streak-free and sparkling. There are two types of Alsysco’s new aluminium cleaning products:

Powder Coating Cleaner

This product is designed for cleaning powder-coated aluminium surfaces. It is ideal for use on aluminium window frames, doors, and balustrades. This cleaner is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and non-corrosive.

Mill Finish & Anodised Cleaner

This product is designed for cleaning mill finish and anodised aluminium surfaces. It is ideal for use on aluminium curtain walls. Take note that the mill finish product is corrosive and should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Both cleaners are easy to use and come in a convenient spray bottle. They are also non-abrasive and will not damage aluminium surfaces.

Safety Instructions

Always follow the safety instructions on the label before using any cleaning product. When using our aluminium cleaners, be sure to wear gloves and eye protection. It is also important to work in a well-ventilated area. Safety M[SDS) information can be found here.

Our new aluminium cleaning products are available for purchase at your local Alsysco stockists. With Alsysco’s new cleaning products, you can easily keep your aluminium looking like new.

Learn more about our new cleaners here.


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