EcoGlide™ Knysna Centre Locking Sliding Window

The Alsysco EcoGlide™ Knysna Centre Locking Sliding Window is our most popular system, featuring a modular design that is suitable for a variety of applications.

Alsysco Aluminium Sliding Windows and Doors are PERFECT FOR:


The Alsysco EcoGlide™ Knysna Centre Locking Sliding Window complies with AAAMSA A3 design standards.

Alsysco Aluminium Systems are tested according to various industry standards for the purpose of safety. You can have peace of mind that our systems are reliable and will perform as expected, even in the harsh African environment. Learn more about AAAMSA here.

EcoGlide™ Knysna Resources

The Alsysco EcoGlide™ Knysna Centre Locking Sliding Window is available as a sliding window only. This system accommodates single glazing from 4mm to 6mm as well as an additional glazing adapter which accommodates 20mm double glazed units.

Sliding Window and Door FAQ

Improved design to accommodate the changing climate and built to suit customer satisfaction.

Knysna window, door & High performance can accommodate 20mm glass type.

Valencia can accommodate from 20mm to 24mm glass type.

Grecian sliding window maximum sash limit 900mm

Knysna window & door maximum sash width 1.2m.

Knysna High-performance maximum sash width 1.5m.

Valencia door maximum sash width 1.8m.

Villa door maximum sash width 2m.

This information is based on a standard 1000pa wind load.

Knysna window, door and high-performance maximum height 2.4m.

Villa door maximum height 2.8m.

Valencia door maximum height 2.8m

The Villa and Valencia door can accommodate 2 points & 3 points locking system.

Grecian sliding window A2

Knysna window, door & high-performance A3

Villa door A4

Valencia door A3

All Alsysco sliding systems are locally extruded.

All Alsysco sliding systems are low maintenance.

Side, top & sublight options are available.

The roller and track design allow an effortless operation to open or close these doors.

We offer a range of durable and popular architectural colours and finishes

Be Inspired by Alsysco Systems

Alsysco aluminium windows and doors will transform your home into a space that reflects your style. The EcoGlide™ Knysna system is available in a range of popular architectural colours and finishes to match your personal preference.


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